High Court orders a stay in the Mark Ryan matter

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A High Court order has put a stay on the police bringing any proceedings against Mark Ryan arising from the verdict given following the coroner’s inquest into the death of Andrea Hughes that occurred almost two and a half years ago.

It had been previously reported that Ryan was driving a vehicle that was involved in the death of the mother of nine, in March 2013.

The Coroner has advised the Director of Public Prosecution that the jury of a coroner’s inquest had found that Hughes’ death was caused by Ryan.

His lawyer Hugh Marshall Jr says Ryan is challenging the transmission of the verdict from that inquest…and as a result the High Court has stopped the police from taking any actions based on the inquest.

The Coroner’s Court inquires into the circumstances of a person’s death and is not a judicial finding of guilt.

Marshall says when the jury attributes the cause of death to a particular person that means there must be one of two types of verdicts.


Marshall says he anticipates the matter will be heard either in September or October of this year.

Prior to the coroner’s inquest this year, the public had been questioning why no one was held responsible for the death off Andrea Hughes.

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