Hamilton out in controversial ballot at PAM convention

Eugene Hamilton speaking at the 2016 PAM Convention (Source: winnfm.com)
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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN)  The results of elections for the Deputy Leadership of the People Action Movement have not been officially declaring following a controversial balloting process over the weekend.  The initial results saw long-time Co-Deputy Leader and Minister of Government Eugene Hamilton ousted in favour of newcomer Vernon Connor, who stood as a candidate for the party in the General Elections last year.

In the past members were given a ballot on which they cast their vote for two persons to serve as Co-Deputy Political Leaders.  WINN FM understands however, that this past weekend they were given two ballots and were expected to write one name on each.  The process is being questioned as there was no way to monitor whether someone would use both ballots to vote for the same nominee twice.  Some reports suggest that based on the numbers, it appears that some persons did just that.

Contacted for a comment Wednesday, Party Leader Shawn Richards was cautious, saying only that the voting process was being examined and until then the status quo remains.

“What I would say to you is that at this particular point in time, there is no change in the Deputy Political Leaders of the People’s Action Movement,” Richards told WINN FM.

“We had Caucus and Convention on Saturday and Sunday of last week.  Indeed, there was the voting process which would have taken place to election the different administrative officers for the party.  The position of Deputy Political Leader it is the only position in the party which requires two persons.  There were some discrepancies with the voting process of the Deputy Political Leaders and as such, that is being looked into.  Until there is a determination on that there has been no change,” the PAM Leader and Deputy Prime Minister said.

WINN FM has received reports that Mr. Hamilton may have ruffled some feathers at a caucus last month, when he suggested that some members were stuck in the past and not recognizing the realities of the new political landscape.

One insider told WINN FM they believed that the incident may have led to the attempt to oust Mr. Hamilton as co-Deputy Leader, and they are convinced Mr. Hamilton was blind-sided by the move.  They said no elected member of the executive had ever been replaced by a non-elected member.

WINN FM was able to reach Mr. Hamilton on Wednesday who declined to speak about the results of the election but said that he respects the caucus’ right to speak.  He also told WINN that he encourages and supports the right of youngsters to serve and pursue positions in the party.

  • Little ‘p’ politics

    Big P politics comes with no shortage of P’s. there’s always Power, advantage, Partisanship, Piety, Pandering, bias, Pomp in addition Puffery. Congress and national elections. It’s where it isn’t just important to always win, But to make sure your opponents always lose.

    Small ‘p’ politics is what ordinary people do every day. It is about creating choices, jeopardises and agreements. It’s the practice of sharing a place, Economy and common laws of national. The p’s of small ‘p’ governmental policies are Policy, Practice and permission. Small ‘p’ irresistible is not about beating the loser; It’s about producing as many winners as possible. it’s usually democracy.

    Imagine if we applied big ‘P’ politics to such local issues as our incredibly affordable housing crisis or firestorm recovery. If our local elected administrators suffered the same corrupting disease as do our Congressional leaders, How could we ever be ready to rebuild 5,300 homes or be ready for the next fire disaster?

    We’d all be losers if our county supervisors or local state legislators fought over new cannabis laws or budget agendas the way Congress is now fighting over immigration reform, Obamacare and the next top court justice.

    state policies wasn’t always the dirty word it is today. combined with, It’s still an reliable position at our school boards, City halls and county seat of state and federal government. Let’s hope it stays like this.

    Very few of us are political figures, But we all exercise politics. Isn’t it a politics act to shop locally or support local small farmers? Where do we put our money or do our savings? being a member of a local credit union or a community bank can be a political statement against bigger corporate banks or Wall Street. The car you drive is yet another act of politics. is this a Chevy or a Hyundai? electronic, crossbreed, diesel-powered or a low mpg SUV?

    The most momentous political act we can do is vote in an election. Is not voting also a political moldova women act?

    We are told we’re not purported to mix politics and religion. We definitely want our government to stay out of religion but our individual choices about faith and beliefs are innately both religious and political, aren’t they? Abortion, Same sex romantic relationship, Freedom of choice, Pacifism or cannabis use could all be issues defined by our religious upbringing and beliefs.

    is it possible to be apolitical? We don’t even think so, But it is really quite possible to be against big P politics. Not many of us study political science and everyone wish there was less “nation-wide topics” On our TV every evening. but being purely apolitical might be like being asexual, Overtly apathetic or boringly anti the whole lot. this doesn’t sound healthy.

    So let’s praise and support all our local politicians who practice small ‘p’ politics. We elect these both males and females to keep our local governments on the rails and on the up moldavian girls and up. they seem to be keeping the promises they made to get elected and they keep listening to us. We think they’re doing the best they can to create as many winners as.

    But we’re not naive. We know you’ll find some Big P partisanship and power grabbing in local politics. At this newspaper we check out the Big P money and the influence peddlers. and thus, If you want to know who they are and what they’re up to, Just keep here newspaper.

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