Gov’t comes to the aid of another burn victim

For the second time this year, the government has come to the aid of a burn victim in need of medical care abroad. Twenty-six-year-old Marlon Knowles, of Powell’s Estate, was airlifted to Cuba on Wednesday where he will be treated for second and third degree burns to at least 70 per cent of his body. (Photo courtesy Ministry of Health)

Burn victim Marlon Knowles was yesterday airlifted to a medical facility in Cuba for treatment.

The 26-year-old Powell’s resident received second and third degree burns to about 70 to 80 per cent of his body last Saturday.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are unknown, but law enforcement officials confirmed knowledge of the incident and revealed that Knowles drove himself to the hospital where he collapsed.

Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph said Knowles, who is in critical condition, was stabilised for the journey to Cuba.

He also admitted that the burn victim faces a long road ahead to recovery, but he is in good hands.

“The hospital in Cuba is an excellent facility. I understand they have a very good burn centre and we are optimistic that he will get the best possible care and will come out and be able to spend time with his family some time in the near future,” Joseph said.

Knowles was accompanied to Cuba by his aunt Lola Kirby Peterson.

His mother, Sharon Kirby expressed her appreciation to the government for responding to her son’s need in a timely manner.

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