Gov’t accused of failing to implement dog control legislation

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – A member of the dog control board said the government has failed to implement support measures aimed at enforcing dog control.

Karen Corbin, who is also head of the Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society, insists that there is sufficient dog control legislation on the books, but that government needs to do more to enact them.

“It is not the law that is ineffective,” Corbin said. “It’s the fact that the Dog Registration and Control Authority (DRCA) has never been given the proper resources to be able to properly enact the law.”

She said government “needs to get serious about enforcing the act” since stray and roaming dogs pose risks to public health.

Meantime, local veterinarian Dr Feona Francis reiterated the need for government to build its own pound and equip dog control officers with the right tools.

“We have to have somewhere to put the dogs … so they need a vehicle and they need a pound,” Dr Francis said.

She noted that the four dog control officers employed by the DRCA have not been able to function effectively due to a lack of necessary resources.

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