Government to invest in Cedar Valley Golf Course

The Cedar Valley Golf Course has been approved for a $40,000 government injection.

Government will inject some $400,000 into the upgrading of the Cedar Valley Golf Course.

This is according Minister of Sports EP Chet Greene, who said government recognises the importance of the facility to the country’s tourism product.

“The government, just two weeks ago, agreed to a request by the Cedar Valley Board that serves under my watch, to make an investment of $400,000 in the upgrade of the Cedar Valley Golf Course. The golf course, I am sure people who follow golf would know, is a very important cog in our tourism product,” he said.

The Board was able to bring to the Cabinet, two weeks ago, the empirical data to show how many cruise ship visitors utilizes the course, how many hotel stay over visitors, how many locals and I want to encourage our local people to go and use the course because it is ours,” he added.

The news comes just weeks after a decision to invest over $400,000 in the upgrading of the drag racing facility at North Sounds, just east of the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground.

Greene gave insight as to what aspects of the facility will be upgraded with the approved funds.

“With that kind of economic activity and that kind of nexus and niche arrangement to our tourism product, the Cabinet made the decision to invest further and I should say too that the government actually owns 76 per cent of Cedar Valley and with the recent injection it means that we have even a greater stake,” the Minister said.

“They (the Board) made specific requests like for example, they had bought some electrical carts last year and they now need to cover those carts from the elements, so part of the money will go towards the construction of a shed. They made a case that bathroom facilities are not of the best at the course and they also made a case for the upgrading the cafeteria space. They also want to invest in golf clubs for renting to some of the very visitors,” he added.

Cedar Valley Golf Course opened in 1977 as Antigua & Barbuda’s only 18-hole championship golf course.

The Cedar Valley Golf Course was designed and built by Ralph Aldridge and opened with nine holes in 1970.

Greene, however, did not indicate when the renovation work would start at the venue.