Former Board of Education Director Beverly Charles Released

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Former Board of Education Director Beverly Charles has been released from police custody after being arrested and held in lock-up for several hours today in connection with a fraud investigation.

Attorney, Leon Chaku Symister says the arrest follows Charles refusal on Friday to go to the St. John’s Police Station and give a further statement.

Symister says the police had approached Charles while she was on the job at the Antigua Commercial Bank


“Ms Charles indicated to them that she was not interested in giving any further statements, she already said what she knew. Which she has a right to do under our constitution since she was not a suspect in any offence. The police showed up at her home this morning with a search warrant proposing to be searching for a cellular phone, a computer software and documents in connection with a fraud investigation. That’s what they told the magistrate in order to get that warrant”.

Symister says lawmen carried out a quick search of the Charles’ Cassada premises but did not find what they were looking for. He says it’s then they took her in to custody.

But according to the lawyer the police officers should have left empty-handed.


“The warrant does not give them a basis, especially where they found nothing, to take the person in custody. So it is our contention that the arrest of MS Charles this morning was unlawful”.

Symister says up to Friday, Charles was being seen as a potential witness.

“Some interventions were made and the police agreed to release her this afternoon on the condition that she shows up Monday at 8:30 at the Longford police station. Something that we have no problem with. Showing up at the police station if the police asked you to come is voluntary. If you refuse to go, that does not turn you into a criminal over night, especially when they have never indicated to you and you’re a suspect”.

Attorney at Law, Leon Chaku Symister.

Up to now Lawmen have not said what fraud case they are probing but it’s believed that it’s related to the Board of Education.

The Board’s former Executive Director is awaiting trial on fraud charges following a probe that also resulted in popular radio announcer Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts who carried out baliff services for the Board being arrested and charged.

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