Fishermen rush to pay taxes

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Fishermen who have been escaping the tax net have finally been roped in.

      They now have no choice but to pay their contributions to the Medical Benefits Scheme, Board of Education and Social Security Scheme to be licensed.

 The licensing of fishermen is a first for the country and is one of the stipulations in the Fisheries Regulations that took effect on February 1.

 It also precedes the licensing of fishing vessels.

 Veteran fisherman and former head of the Antigua & Barbuda Fishermen Cooperative, Gerald Price, said he paid $80 for a three-year basic fisherman’s license.


 Price says not all fishermen are happy with the requirement.


 A check with the Board of Education revealed that more that 50 fishermen have registered there since the process began in February.

           Of that amount, the majority paid their contributions last month.         

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