Fire Chief pleads for more fire fighting resources

Auto Hub on fire in Herberts on 19th December 2015.

Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Fire Department, Elvis  Weaver says the fire department is in need of further assistance to improve its firefighting resources.

Weaver says, as it stands, the department is inadequately equipped to tend to the increasing number of fires.


“For instance, this morning, a call came that somebody needed help, some rescuing and the fire tender went out, and then from there, they get a call to the house fire in Clare Hall.

“Ideally, I would love us to have at least three fire tenders here at St John’s, so if one goes out, we can have two still at station to respond to any calls,” the fire chief says.

The fire chief is also hoping to have officers trained to identify the source of fires.


“I’m calling on the authorities and corporate citizens, let us try and get some fire fighters trained – certified fire investigators, arson investigators. Because, I believe no doubt that some of these fires can be deliberately set.

“But if we don’t have the expertise, the equipment, and the officers who are well trained in fire investigation, arson investigation, then a lot of people may get away with murder,” Weaver reasons.

Three separate fires occurred over the weekend, and on Monday morning, fire fighters were called to the scene of a fire at Clare Hall.