Finance official says revenue targets still short

Desired revenue targets are still not being met despite more stringent fiscal measures by government.

This particular revelation comes from Deputy Financial Secretary Kevin Silston.

Silston said on the Big Issues programme, Sunday, this is partly due to protection of some businesses from the brunt of the financial crisis.

The deputy financial secretary was, at the time, giving an update on the progress of the National Economic and Social Transformation (NEST) plan.

“At the end of June we were on target, at the end of September we looked like we were on target, the analysis for the third quarter looks pretty tight. We are there but with very little margin if, for any reason, in reconciling the numbers and firming them up we could be presented with a challenge,” Silston said.

“As it is now, it looks as if we will actually make the third quarter and after making those adjustments at the end of the year we should be totally fine,” he added.

Silston said it has also been a challenge having ministries stick to budgets.

“I cannot say its ideal. But at the end of the day we are getting the results we want. But part of this process is to have the whole management of the ministries restructured so they take a more active approach and they understand what goes into the budget and the big picture,” Silston said.