Fashion enthusiasts get ready for Pappyshow

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First there was Dan-dan then Designers’ Melee. Following was Aye Yah Yie and this year, the National Independence Steering Committee will be presenting Pappyshow.

Sub committee chairperson for the 2010 fashion show Vanda Neale Gardner said although the name is associated with clownish behaviour, organisers are drawing from the positive, as it also means outrageous.

“What we’re looking for this year from the designers, more or less, we’re pushing them,” Gardner told The Daily OBSERVER. “We want to see more creativity so were giving them a challenge in which you’re going to see the real pappyshow, the real outrageous aspect of the show.”

In a segment dubbed “Go Green,” each designer will be asked to do final piece that will be judged by a panel of four. The piece must include something that is recyclable.

“So whatever they create, it must include paper or tin cans or something,” Gardner said. “We want to see how creative and outrageous (the designers can get) with an appeal…”

Thus far, 12 designers are lined up for the event with participation from around 80 models. Gardner promises a tightly packed, fast-moving show.

“We’re bringing in our main designer, Kimon Baptiste. She’s from St Vincent and once lived in Antigua,” the chief organiser said. “She flew with Caribbean Star. She’s young and that’s what we’re trying to push.

“She has a very couture appeal but she keeps the craft in there.”

Other designers showcasing their creations include House of Argent, Ajeanté, Bridget Richardson out of Sea View Farm – “she works out of the box with madras,” Gardner said.

Also in the spotlight will be first-timer Launesha Barnes and Kyon Richards, urban wear designer, Crystal Walter, who works with leather and creates accessories, Miranda Aski, also a designer of accessories who works with metal.

“Cherrine does these unusual pieces of clothing with the Independence material,” Gardner said of another designer. “Her work is very craft.”

The work of swimsuit designer Lucy Giraud, aunt of artist Mark Browne as well as hairstylist Francine Daces from Jamaica will also be featured. Make-up will be by Sara Jones of SAJ.

“So everybody brings something to the table,” Gardner said. “The show is going to be very exciting, packed with a lot of surprises.”

The show will be held at the Multi-purpose cultural Centre, October 24, at 7:30 pm.

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