Farmer counts his loss; encourages commitment to farming

Muskmelons growing on a farm
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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Despite a personal loss over the weekend, local farmer Caudely George, has called on the agricultural community to continue its efforts to support the nation’s economy.

Thieves raided George’s farm near Diamond Estate, early Sunday morning, taking approximately 2000 pounds of pumpkin and assorted melons, which had been earmarked for delivery.

The farmer called the loss “absolutely devastating”.

“We’re all doing our best to feed the land and help with import substitution,” he said. “We want to do so as loyal Antiguan farmers to see if we can help. If the hotels and supermarkets don’t have to bring in all these items, it simply means that we’re making a contribution, but it’s not really nice to know a thing like this can happen as soon as you turn your back.”

The melons, George said, were of the traditional musk melon variety and a special breed of seed that he imported from Greece. The estimated cost of the produce was about $4000.

“Following the recent drought and the passing of Tropical Storm Gonzalo and all the other challenges faced by the nation’s farmers, the theft was a hard one to take,” he said.

He maintained, however, that farmers still needed to make an effort to help put a dent in the nation’s food bill.

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