Voting Day is June 12, 2014

Prime Minster Baldwin Spencer will either start a countdown anticipated by a nation and a region tonight or disappoint the hopeful and upset his critics once again.

Nearly 48 hours ago, he told an anxious crowd at his United Progressive Party’s last rally that he was moving the election date from pocket to pocket and that in 48 hours he would give them what they’ve been waiting for.

The last time he built up anticipation like this, people were disappointed, and he explained that he couldn’t have given a date as too much preparation was still lacking – delivery of crucial court judgments on voter registration and electoral boundaries was the main reason.

Those have now been dispensed, and he has been keeping close contact with the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission. He’s back on the podium tonight to make the most of the national and regional attention he’s courting.

If he does or doesn’t announce the date, hear it here first! Serpent and his Snake Pit crew will be teaming up tonight with reporters in the field for live election date coverage, which extends online on Twitter @antiguaomg; on Facebook – observermediagroup; and as always, more detailed reporting tomorrow in the Daily OBSERVER, the leading daily news publication in the country. Online, on air, and in print, we cover the election best.