Dundas praises Public Works for city sidewalk repairs

A top local cruise tourism executive has commended Public Works Department for finally beginning much-needed repairs to sidewalks in St. John’s, but is hoping attention will be paid particularly to those close to the Nevis Street Pier where passengers disembark.

President of the Cruise Tourism Association Nathan Dundas said that for too long, in that area, pedestrians have been competing with vehicles because while sidewalks are provided in some cases, they are potholed or have open drains that are hazardous to walkers.

“One of the areas that we are hoping the Works Department will tackle as soon as possible is the road on lower Nevis Street between the Australian Ice Cream shop and the Ministry of Labour buildings,” Dundas said.

He continued, “When the tourists as well as the locals use that particular stretch of road they end up walking among the vehicles as there is no walkway along that small stretch of road. We hope the Works Department, as promised will be able to cover the drains in that area and establish a walkway for pedestrians. This will go a long way towards enhancing that particular area.”

For the past week or so, teams from Public Works using heavy-duty equipment have been visible in the city, carrying out road repairs.

Dundas has always maintained that the sidewalks pose a danger to locals as well as visitors and had warned that out of concern about the safety of their passengers, ships could stop calling at the island.

Back in May, Dundas and a team from Public Works did a walk-through of the city to identify the improvements needed to the road network.