Drones will watch over Dominican national parks, protected areas

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Santo Domingo.- Modern drones will watch over Dominican Republic’s national parks and protected areas, as the result of a donation from the company Petro Caribe, the Environment Ministry revealed Tuesday.

The ‘Syn-drone,’ which features digital high-resolution panoramic view and can climb to an altitude of more than two kilometers (around 8,000 feet) has a range of up to 20 kilometers at 60Kph.

“With the commissioning of this equipment the institution could even start rescuing people lost in wooded areas and quickly identify hard to reach places where possible forest fires and other events occur,” Environment said in a statement.

Upon receiving the equipment from Petro Caribe director José Ramón Suriel and advisor José Alfredo Rizek, Environment minister Bautista Rojas said the drones will place the institution at the forefront of surveillance over parks and protected areas, adding that it will first used at Los Haitises National Park.

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