Dominica Olympic Committee to hold fresh elections

ROSEAU, Dominica – Over 15 sporting associations affiliated to the Dominica Olympic Committee have successfully passed a resolution calling for fresh elections.

At a special meeting of the Dominica Olympic Committee held Thursday, the affiliated associations unanimously passed a resolution to have fresh elections within 21 days.

The resolution that was passed resolved that the elections of the executive be declared null and void and that new elections be held within 21 days and no later than June 7 this year.

The affiliated associations wrote to the Dominica Olympic Committee requesting a special meeting in accordance with Article 18.1 of the DOC constitution.

This came after the affiliated associations argued that the Felix Wilson-led executive, which came to power in January this year at the Annual General Meeting of the DOC, was illegal. They also challenged the legitimacy of the athletes’ representatives who voted at the January meeting.

An agreement has been reached allowing the current executive to remain in office so it can prepare for the special meeting that is to be held early next month. (CMC)


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