‘Deutschland 83’ star keen on Berlin Wall follow-up

The cast of 'Deutschland 83' accepts the award for Best German Mini-series during 'Die Goldene Kamera' (Golden Camera) awards ceremony in Hamburg, February 6, 2016.

The star of German Cold War drama “Deutschland 83”, which has won small-screen fans at home and abroad, says he would welcome a crack at a follow-up covering the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Set in 1983 with real events in a divided Germany as a backdrop, the eight-episode show about espionage, the threat of nuclear war and pop culture follows Martin Rauch, a young East German border guard who is recruited by the secret police as an undercover spy in West Germany.

Debuting at last year’s Berlin film festival, it has since aired to great success with subtitles in Britain and the United States.

There has been talk of “Deutschland 83” being the first chapter of a trilogy, with follow-up series set in 1986 and 1989, the year the Berlin Wall came down.

“I would be totally on board for more,” Jonas Nay, who plays the unwilling spy, told Reuters in English in a London interview. “I know that there are so many ideas.”

Asked why the current show seems to have resonated with audiences, he said he saw parallels between events then and now.

“I guess the youth back then had really the impression that they could change something, that they had a voice,” he said.

“And … it’s coming back to that right now in the youth because of social media networks and analysts that are reacting on comments, on movements, on the internet and stuff. So … people of my age are raising their voices again.”

The 25-year old actor admits he was not well versed in the politics and social customs of the era before being cast, but said older crew members were keen to share their experiences of growing up then.

“They were so passionate about that time,” Nay said. “When we got into a film set, they took something out of the props and were like, ‘Do you remember?’.”

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