De Bear: Members’ no confidence motion spurred Lypstick’s decision to resign

Reigning calypso monarch Keithroy “De Bear” Morson has disclosed that an impending vote of no confidence against president of Antigua & Barbuda Calypso Association Adelza “Lypstick” Sheridan is the real reason behind her threat to tender her resignation during yesterday’s general meeting.

Claiming she was being undermined by several named persons within the calypso fraternity as one of the reasons for her decision, Sheridan announced her intention to step down from the association’s helm during Saturday’s Snake Pit programme. She also said she had already prepared her letter of resignation.

But Morson, who is one of those at whom the president pointed an accusatory finger, yesterday told The Daily OBSERVER that while he didn’t care whether or not she resigned, the reasons she gave were far from the truth.

“What Lypstick needs to do is tell the public the truth, that her board members are saying the same thing I’m saying, that she’s not capable of leading. So this Monday afternoon they’re having a meeting to have a vote of no confidence in her,” the calypso monarch said.

Morson backed up his position that Sheridan was incapable of leading the association thus: “I don’t think she’s capable of being a leader because she doesn’t want to be led. Her ideas are the only ideas that she thinks should be brought forward and used, and that’s the concern of a lot of members now.

“I believe the calypso association needs people who are capable of running for office and carrying out their duties in office,” Morson said.

He also stated that he declined an invitation to attend yesterday’s meeting because he is not a member of the association. In fact, Morson and others, including calypsonians YB, GB and Douglas, whom Sheridan named as being unco-operative, were among the founding members of the breakaway association, Concerned Calypso Promotions that was established approximately a year ago.

The general meeting was scheduled for 5:30 pm yesterday, and The Daily OBSERVER will report on the outcome.