Dames do not accept annulment of their wards

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Two of the women who were knighted when Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack demitted office in August have said they do not accept the annulment of the honour.

Dame Louise’s successor Sir Rodney Williams issued annulment letters to several of the nine people who were knighted, as well as those who received Most Illustrious Order of Merit.

Former speaker of the house D Gisele Isaac and former senate president Hazlyn Francis were among those knighted.

Isaac, who was honoured for contributions to education and the development of the country, told OBSERVER media she did not accept the letter sent to her.

“As long as I have not been issued a degradation warrant from Her Majesty the Queen on account of doing some heinous act, I will accept the title of Dame,” Isaac said.

Francis, who was likewise honoured for her contribution to education and national development, said, “I don’t accept that annulment letter. If it doesn’t come on the order of the Queen, then, to me, I am still Dame. So only when the letter comes from the Queen, will I accept it.”

Clarvis Joseph, who was knighted for distinguished contribution to public service, marine industry, sports and community development, reportedly also had his award annulled.

When contacted, Joseph said he had not checked his mail, but even if he had already been officially notified, he would not discuss the matter in public.

OBSERVER media was unable to reach several of the other affected awarded individuals.

The letters of annulment were delivered this week, though seemingly prepared since November 12, as indicated on the communiqué to the awardees.

When the development came to light, former governor general Dame Louise condemned it. She said her successor Sir Rodney acted without authority.

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