Climatologist says Country almost out of water

Source: benonicitytimes
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Climatologist Dale Destin says the country is mere weeks away from running out of surface water.

And, Destin says according to projections, the country will not get sufficient rain to replenish resources before the last quarter of the year.

He says, “We are almost out of surface water. In the next month or so A.P.U.A. has informed us that the Potworks will go dry or go below extraction level and so we will see even greater impacts and residents will see less water coming through their taps.”

He continues, “Start to look at implementing utilities and practices that use less water. Can we start to look at perhaps water-less urinals in public places? That technology is available. Could it work in our region where we have issues with water? Can we look at other practices that use less water? Perhaps The new technology of waterless cooking or there are utenstils that you can purchase which require less water for cooking.”

The climatologist says there’s very little that can be done by the authorities at this stage to mitigate the situation, except purchase more water from desalination company SEMBCORP.

He advised that the authorities look at reengineering and increasing the number of water catchments.

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