Church leader chastises Christians for passive faith

Bishop of St John’s Basseterre, Kenneth Richards.(

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The head of the Catholic Church has levelled criticism at the Christian community, charging them with contributing to the further degradation of society.

Bishop of St John’s Basseterre, Kenneth Richards, who spoke during yesterday’s edition of OBSERVER AM, said the country has departed from its traditional Christian values and the failure of Christians in Antigua & Barbuda to live lives exemplifying Christ was partly to blame.

“Being that we are a Christian nation, many of us are not allowing those Christian values to be manifest in our lives, and to me, that is the root cause of many of the issues in our nation,” he said

He said some of the major issues facing the nation in 2014 were a high rate of violent crimes, and incidences of child abuse.

“I would not be too satisfied with the kind of impact the church should be making in our society in light of the challenges that we’re facing. I think more needs to be done.”

The bishop said he believes the church needed to be more focused in its leadership. He further called on members of the faith-based community to become more grounded in the word of God and to allow their beliefs to be more than just theoretical values, and instead to make them part of their practical, daily lives.

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