Christian network to observe one year of programming

It was just last September that the Antigua Christian Network began test-broadcasting and come October it will be one year since the station has been providing family programming.

The network began broadcasting on CTV’s channel 109 and now it’s available to Karib Cable customers on channel 110. Station Manager Everton Barnes said there are still some glitches that need to be worked out but his team is hoping they could be worked out by the end of this month.

On Thursday, ACN launched a new programme which is bound to peak the interest of political pundits. It’s called Talking Politics and the host, Peter Gordon, will be leading “unbiased, unfiltered” discussions in matters of a political nature.

“We aim to do it in a mature and civil manner,” Gordon said. “Too often you set out to present a programme and you find out that the protagonists get at each other too personally and on our programme I intend not to let it happen.

“We intend to bring everybody together and let’s just discuss what’s taking place in our politics.”

One of the challenges, according to the station manager, is attracting sponsorship for the programme. Among the first to come forward and offer support, however, is School Zone, which sponsored the first episode.

“We want to thank Bishop Ewing Dorsett for coming forward and giving us initial sponsorship for this programme,” Barnes said.

The new programme is one of several to come on stream as the ACN team effort to provide more local programming.

“Our station is primarily a Christian station but we like to tell people, in terms of our programming, we are Christian/family entertainment because if you look at our programme content there are programmes of a general nature that are not necessarily Christian,” the station manager said. “We go out of our way to ensure that the movies that we show are movies that the entire family can sit down and watch and enjoy.”