Christian Council scraps code of conduct, calls for political debate

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – President of the Antigua Christian Council (ACC) Major Byron Maxam said a code of conduct to outline acceptable behaviour for politicians on the campaign trail does not necessarily translate into reality.

On account of this, the Salvation Army divisional commander told OBSERVER AM his organisation would not produce an election code of conduct as previously promised.

“We don’t want to go down that road, because you prepare things and eventually they (candidates) break it,” Maxam said.

“What we would want to do, if we do prepare one, it’s for our members. A lot of people do not understand that many Christians are voters in elections.”

Last May, then-president of the Christian council Bishop Kenneth Richards said the body would ask candidates who are seeking election to office to sign a code of conduct.

The head of the local Catholic Church said the topic was on the agenda for the Christian Council’s next general meeting scheduled for May last year.

At the time, Bishop Richards said the church was interested in establishing a code so that there was a common understanding of what was expected of politicians on the campaign trail with regard to “probity, honesty, etiquette, and not being inflammatory.”

The Antigua Christian Council is made up of five foundation member churches: Anglican, Moravian, the Methodist, Roman Catholic and the Salvation Army.

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