Chris Brown’s alleged victim wanted in connection to Plaza theft

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She’s the queen after all — of drama.

Defrocked pageant winner Baylee Curran — who sparked a firestorm of media scrutiny after accusing troubled performer Chris Brown of pointing a gun at her — has a long, checkered past of her own, including a brush with grand larceny in New York and posing for racy pics.


There’s no warrant out for Curran’s arrest, but cops can haul her in for questioning if she returns to the city.

Curran, who grew up riding horses in Norco, Calif., also lost the beauty pageant title she won on April 1 because of her questionable conduct.

Organizers for the Miss California Regionals said they stripped her of her crown and sash on July 5 — but Curran refuses to give the items back.

The blond beauty broke the pageant’s strict morals clause, they said.

Organizers declined to give specifics on which part of the clause Curran specifically violated — although they said they investigated numerous allegations against her, all of which she denied.

Sources said Curran was accused of making threats against other pageant contestants, using racially inflammatory language, refusing to comply with the community outreach and volunteer work required by the pageant and, after being gifted with a luxury gown by the event sponsor, trying to sell it online for $400.

She also posed for racy, partially-nude pics — which the pageant prohibits.

But the drama doesn’t stop there for Curran — who also once accused a former male roommate of threatening to hire a hit man to kill her.

That incident began when Curran said her housemate Princeton Roseborough roughed her up inside their Burbank apartment in 2013.

She actually got a temporary restraining order against the ex-roomie on Oct. 1, 2013, by alleging he pushed her against a wall and caused her to hit her head so badly an “ambulance came.”

But a judge dismissed the case when she was a no-show in court following a sworn statement from Roseborough calling her the aggressor.

Prior to that, Curran was playing the innocent victim role to perfection.

“He has been making threats for me to not call police again or he will hurt me and that he’s going to have a hit man after me,” she wrote in her sworn statement filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. “He has broke and entered into my room and caused property damage. He has physically harmed me and emotionally.”

Roseborough, meanwhile, denied the allegations in his own statement filed a few days later under penalty of perjury.

Not Released (NR)

Chris Brown, 27, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday. He was later released on $260,000 bail.


The aspiring personal trainer, 28, said it was actually Curran who lost her cool the night of Sept. 26, 2013.

He admitted bringing a female friend back to the apartment and hanging out in Curran’s room while she was out because his brother had locked the door to the separate bedroom they shared.

Roseborough said he and his friend apologized profusely when Curran returned, but she continued to yell obscenities at them.

“It was clear that she was inebriated,” he said of Curran. “Baylee was about to swing her hand at (my friend) to hit her when I caught her by the wrist and told her no fighting.”

Roseborough said he and his friend left the residence to avoid further problems.

“All of her statements are fabricated and untrue, and I was shocked and disappointed when I found out about them,” he wrote.

Curran’s latest bout of histrionics started in the wee hours Tuesday, when she called Los Angeles police to Brown’s Tarzana mansion and said he pulled a gun on her because she admired some jewelry.

“Chris went crazy, yelling at me, ‘Don’t f—–g touch the jewelry,’” she told the Daily News. “Then Chris took out his gun and said, ‘Get the f–k out of the house.’”

Brown, 27, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, which is a felony. He was later released on $260,000 bail.

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