Police have detained a man in his forties whom they suspect of killing Parham resident Urcil “Sheik” Martin late Monday afternoon.

Elton Charles, aka Chalice, also of Parham, was captured by lawmen hours after he was reportedly involved in an altercation with Martin.

Witnesses said Charles used a cutlass to inflict several wounds about Martin’s body, and that the former football coach succumbed to his injuries just as Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene.

When OBSERVER media arrived in Parham early Monday evening, the area where the crime had allegedly occurred had already been cordoned off, but the body of the deceased could be seen lying in the yard outside his home. It was covered with a sheet.

Hundreds of Parham residents, who gathered near the scene, described Martin as a community-spirited man, who was easy to talk to and always had the interest of the youth at heart.

Martin was married and was the father of several children.

The suspect, however, has been described by members of the public as a “lunatic”.

The killing comes hours after Prime Minister Gaston Browne said crime had dropped by 85 per cent and that only one murder had occurred so far for 2015.

Lawmen say they will continue their investigations into the matter.

OBSERVER media will continue to follow the story and bring details in a subsequent edition.