CEO adamant leaner base is only way to save LIAT

LIAT CEO David Evans is sticking to his guns in spite of a conditional call for his resignation from Antigua and Barbuda’s prime minister.

Evans has written to staff addressing concerns, and in the letter, says the call is now a matter for the board and the shareholder governments.

He outlines for the staff events, happening in the last six months, which he believes have led to the current situation.

 LIAT CEO David Evans (file photo)
LIAT CEO David Evans (file photo)

Evans admits that 2015 budget plans do cut some of of Antigua’s in and out bound services. He adds, however, that the Antigua and Barbuda government is in discussions with partners to find replacements for some of the routes and to add some new ones as well.

Evans insists that if LIAT is to survive, the planned 180 job cuts and relocation of two aircraft to Barbados must go ahead. He adds that, coupled with the relocation, previously agreed improvements in operational performance and the quick sale of the 6 remaining Dash-8 planes must also take place.

Evans does not refer specifically to the leaked plan to break up LIAT and form a new Barbados based airline with LIAT’s fleet but says that, as proposed changes are at risk, alternative options must be considered.

He adds that any such alternative approaches will have as their paramount aim the continuity of air service to all regional states.

The LIAT CEO adds, in his letter to staff, that these are discussions only and that there is no plan in effect.