Canadian police say drug investigation still open

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Lawmen in Canada confirmed, on Wednesday, that the case of three Antiguans held on suspicion of cocaine possession at the Pearson International Airport is still an active investigation.

“It is still under investigation,” Corporal Louise Savarad of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said during telephone conversation.

Savarad, who is attached to the Communications Unit of the RCMP, said she could not give any updates on the status of the investigation, but promised OBSERVER media an update today.

Her comments give new life to a story that head of the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) Colonel Edward Croft said was “incorrect”.

Croft told OBSERVER AM that “there was a situation, but the results of the appropriate testing resulted in a negative.”

The ONDCP boss did not reveal the source of his information.

On Wednesday, The Daily OBSERVER reported that Canadian police had remanded a male Antiguan airline official over the weekend on suspicion of possessing a quantity of liquid cocaine. Reports also indicated that two relatives of the top airline official had also been detained in connection with the same matter.

But Croft said it was his office’s $4 million drug bust, on Tuesday, and not the trio’s alleged dilemma, in Canada, that should have been the headline story.

“I would have hoped that some preference would have been given to the more positive story,” he said.


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