BPM launches court challenge to Paradise Found Act today

Barbuda Peoples Movement Leader Trevor Walker (Source: barbudaful.net)
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The Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) will file its second lawsuit against the Paradise Found project in the High Court, today, to challenge the constitutionality of the project.

The Act bypassed the 2007 Barbuda Land Act to approve the US $250 million project by investors Robert De Niro and James Packer.

Chairman of the BPM McKenzie Frank said the opposition party is not against the project; however, it goes against the land rights of the Barbudans as conferred by the Land Act of 2007.

“We have prepared all the documentation for the filing of a constitutional motion,” Frank said.

“The Act as it stands infringes on the rights that were given to the Barbudan people in the 2007 Land Act, which states that all lands invested in the Crown belong to the people and, with this procedure, the government taking up land without reference to the people of Barbuda by statute is unconstitutional.”

Frank said authorities on the sister isle have a history of granting leases to people who have failed to fulfill promises made and the opposition party does not want history to repeat itself.

In 2015, the BPM filed a challenge to the controversial Barbuda town hall vote at which the project received approval in accordance with the 2007 Barbuda Land Act.

The party argued then that the voting process was rife with discrepancies and moved to have the decison reversed by the court. When the high court upheld the vote, the case went to appeal where it remains.


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