Barbuda Police’s Plight

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Officers at the Barbuda Police Station may be forced to continue working under uninhabitable conditions at the dilapidated station building for a few more months.

That’s because the government reportedly projects that the new station would be completed some time near the next General Elections, constitutionally due in 2014.

Senator McKenzie Frank yesterday told OBSERVER AM that Barbuda MP Trevor Walker assured him that plans are afoot to have workers on the sister isle resume construction that had been halted for years at the new Justice Complex.

Apart from room for the station, the complex would also house the Barbuda Court.

“I know that work is going to recommence on the new police station which is (situated) in the Justice Complex. It is tough right now … I have had word from the parliamentary representative for the island Trevor Walker and I got assurance they will be completing the work before the next general elections,” Senator Frank said.

The Barbuda Council member said the company pursuing the construction contract has already visited the site to conduct quantity surveys and clean up the site that has been abandoned for years.

Tuesday night and all through Wednesday, the officers at the station were forced to close the doors to the public as the facility was flooded due to heavy rain.

In addition to repeated flooding, the lawmen have been complaining of pest infestation, particularly ants.

And with the recent flooding, a new problem of mosquito and sand fly infestation has arisen.

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