Barbuda dock builders arrive on sister isle

The area where the new bridge will be built is being cleared. (Photo by Martina Johnson/OBSERVER media)
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CODRINGTON – The team assigned to build the new Barbuda River Wharf dock arrived in Barbuda yesterday morning.

Lead engineer Satish Singh said the workers are set to begin within days – with construction expected to be completed within three months.

OBSERVER media travelled to the sister isle with the engineering team on the Barbuda Express ferry.

Reports are that the equipment and materials needed to build the facility will be delivered on a barge today.

On arrival in Barbuda yesterday, this reporter observed two backhoes were being used to dig and remove debris from the area where the new bridge will be built.

The old dock – which has been falling apart bit by bit for years – appeared to have crumbled entirely.

Three men put together a makeshift bridge to allow ferry passengers to disembark and to offload the cargo boat that delivers food to Barbuda several times a week.

There was once a time when several vessels could dock at the Wharf at once, but that was approximately nine years ago residents said.

They are now waiting with bated breath to see whether the work will finally be completed – and within the three-month timeframe.

“Don’t be surprised if nine months from now you come to Barbuda again and we still throwing wood across the ferry for people to walk off,” one man said.

He said although he would be happy to have the new dock, he, like many other Barbudans, have grown accustomed to disappointment every year when the authorities fail to live up to promises to replace or repair the damaged dock.

(More in today’s Daily OBSERVER)

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