Baby Marlon facing more surgery

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16th August 2012, St. John’s Antigua- Weeks after returning from a third operation in Barbados to remove eye cataracts, 11-month-old Marlon Williams Jnr is facing yet another surgical procedure to correct a left ectopic kidney.

Mother Sharon Kirby said she was informed about the latest development when the infant completed an abdomen ultrasound at Mount St John’s Medical Centre a week ago.

A doctors’ report showed the left kidney is located in the left iliac fossa and the right kidney is normal size, shape and cortico-medullary delineation.

Ectopic kidney describes a kidney that is not located in its usual position. Ectopic kidneys are thought to occur in approximately one in 1,000 births, but only about one in 10 of these are ever diagnosed.

According to research, some of these are discovered incidentally, such as when a child or adult is having surgery or an X-ray for a medical condition unrelated to the renal ectopia.

The ultrasound, Kirby said, was done as a follow up to the tot’s latest medical procedure.

“When we left Barbados in June the doctor advised that we take the baby to a paediatrician to maintain his care and treatment.”

The mother, who is set to return to Barbados with the infant in September to check his eyes’ recovery, said local doctors here are recommending that she seek additional advice on whether or not he will need kidney surgery.

“Because he had so many surgeries before the doctors are saying we could probably wait until he is older to do another one,” Kirby said.

The second visit to Barbados will also determine the strength of the baby’s vision.

Since his last surgery, Williams’ left eye has remained unresponsive and, according to Barbadian Dr David Callender who performed the operation, his right eye must be covered for four hours a day, in addition to him receiving medication, to get the eye to perform as it should.

The mother conducts various exercises daily to ensure the infant uses both eyes.

“We patch it for four hours and try to force him to use the eye he is not seeing from,” Kirby said.

“We were also told to purchase a mobile nursery and to wave our fingers from side to side when we interact with him to make sure he is following the movement. We were also told to use colourful pictures.”

Kirby extended special thanks to the St James Club, the Seventh Day Adventist Churches, and the Kiwanis for coming forward to assist with funding to cover airfare cost to and from Barbados.

The family is due to leave again on September 14.


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