AUA plans to provide housing on campus to accommodate students

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The American University of Antigua (AUA) said it will soon present a plan to the government of Antigua & Barbuda to construct housing on campus to accommodate its students.

AUA senior Vice President Leonard Scalfani said student housing is a natural progression in its ongoing expansion process.

“Yes we would like to see some housing and balance the interest of everybody. There are a lot of people that are supported by our students renting houses and whatever, but at the same time, as you say, you expand by attracting more students,” Scalfani said.

“There are students that, we know, don’t come to the island because there aren’t housing, so the choice is not having them at all or not having them in housing outside of ours, at least for the first.”

Currently, the school provides housing for students in facilities outside the campus. Scalfani said some students have avoided enrolling because they cannot reside on campus.

“There are many students that don’t come to the school, which means that we don’t get the benefit of training them and the island doesn’t get the benefit of their resources, because they are unwilling to come to a strange place from far away and not be secure that they are on our facility,” Scalfani said.

He said the AUA is only interested in housing for undergraduate students who need a little more supervision. The AUA executive said a plan for the construction of on campus housing is already in place.

“We just built this new building and now we would like to fill it. We need housing for it so yes we would ask the government to cooperate with us in some on-campus housing,” Scalfani said.

“We have it planned. We would like to do it and we have a plan to do it. It’s been in our five-year plan now for more than five years, and when all of the pieces are put together, if they are put together, we would go ahead and do it.”

Local landlords have been known to make a comfortable living by providing housing to accommodate AUA students.

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