Appeal for help solving murder of teenage girl

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Today marks two weeks since Antigua’s CrimeStoppers Unit began airing radio announcements pleading for assistance in solving the mystery of Anisha Millette’s two-month-old murder and the unit is yet to receive its first tip.

“We at CrimeStoppers have not received one tip about the incident since. We have been getting help through the anonymous hotline 800 8477 about other matters, but not this and we need help to solve this homicide,” the unit’s boss, Sergeant Lawrence Clarke, said.

At various times throughout the day, Sergeant Clarke can be heard on radio detailing the process to help with the case.

He explains the call to the hotline is free and the caller does not have to reveal his or her identity.

Additionally, anyone with information about the crime can report it to CrimeStoppers without worry of the call being traced, he added.

The senior officer said anyone can call and leave a tip, be assigned a special ID number if they wish to be paid for their tip, and if the tip leads to the arrest and conviction of someone, then the tipper would get as much as US $2,000.

Millette, a 13-year-old former Bethesda Primary School student, was found dead on the shoreline of a beach near Devil’s Bridge on July 7. She had reportedly run away from home several weeks before and persons claim they saw her within days of the discovery of her nude, bruised body.

An autopsy did not determine the cause of her death and toxicology test results are pending, a source said.

The post mortem did reveal that several of her ribs were broken and no foreign objects were found in her lungs – ruling out drowning, the source had reported earlier.