ALP division could cost party election – Political analyst

Vere Bird
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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The Antigua & Barbuda True Labour Party would soon be on stream, but the question remains: Would the split of the labour party mean a full labour loss at the general elections?

According to political analyst, Peter Wickham, if the next election comes down to a battle for a few votes, the division could cost the ALP a chance at leading the country.

“One of those individuals could actually make the difference in terms of the final outcome,” the analyst said in an interview with OBSERVER media.

Wickham was responding to the news that Antigua & Barbuda True Labour Party, founded by Vere Bird III, would be active during the next constitutionally held elections in 2014.

However, Bird said that he is not responsible for the split in the party or “splitting” voters between the two factions. He said the cessation initiated with November’s party convention where his uncle, Lester Bird, was ousted as the party’s leader.

“That is where the split was started, it wasn’t started by me forming True Labour. They are the ones that broke up that party. They are the ones that would be held (responsible) and they will be punished, there will be retribution,” Bird III declared in an interview with OBSERVER media.

However, Wickham warned that despite the reason for the split, the outcome would not bode well for the future of either labour party.

He also believes that the new turn of events works in the interest of the United Progressive Party.

However, Bird seemed none to worried about the UPP gaining an advantage in the polls, saying, “Everybody knows the UPP is dead.”

Notwithstanding, Bird said he is still poised to run in the St John’s Rural South constituency – the seat previously held by his father and namesake, who was buried last week. ALP MP Eustace “Teco” Lack currently holds the seat.

The Lone Wolf leader said he not only has the backing of ALP supporters, but unveiled that party stalwarts are also supporters and would soon be revealed as such.  He was, however, tight-lipped about their identities.

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