Alleged victim of abuse by cop awaits lawyer’s advice

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Brent Simon, the ABS cameraman who alleged police abuse said he’s awaiting word from his lawyer Lawrence Daniel regarding the charges police brought against him on Monday.

Simon said he was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest and he was told to attend court on Tuesday morning.

But when he went to the court that day, he said, no charges were filed in the court system. And, the prosecution was not aware of the matter. Up to late yesterday, the charges had not been filed.

Simon said he has not heard anything from the police or court since.

The media worker was arrested on Saturday afternoon and he has accused the police of abusing their power in the process.

He said he was leaving a business place in Sea View Farm around 6 pm when the officers approached him and started searching him.

The cameraman reported he questioned why he was being searched and a police officer slapped him. He said he was made to sit in a police vehicle and when he asked why he was being detained, he was again slapped, this time with a mud guard from the vehicle.

Simon was detained at St John’s Police Station overnight and told that will teach him to respect the police.

This allegedly occurred a week after his first run-in with police. Late January one of the same officers who locked him up over the weekend, took away his phone when he saw him videotaping police in the line of duty.


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