Alicia Roberts takes up the soca challenge

Long time back-up singer Alicia Roberts said she is throwing her hat in the soca arena, as she attempts to realise her dream of winning the Soca Monarch Competition.

Roberts, who copped the top spot in the 2006 Teen Splash when she represented her alma mater All Saints Secondary School, said she has already penned her lyrics and it’s just a matter of time before she releases her entry song for the Groovy segment of the competition.

“I always wanted to enter the Soca Monarch,” Roberts said yesterday. “I have been singing for some time. When I started first, it was mainly back-up and so I decided that I wanted to venture out on my own.”

The singer said her competition song this year is Mek De Music Play.

Although the road has been full of hurdles, the 22 year old said she is focussed on going all the way.

“Last year I did my first single Some Love, but I didn’t put too much push behind it because I was planning to do an album,” she told OBSERVER Entertainment. “But that didn’t work out since I didn’t have everything in place.

“I decided that I was going to be much more focussed and so this year, I wrote a few songs and will give it a try. I’m in it yes, to win but my main focus is to get some exposure,” she added.

In addition to her soca monarch entry, Roberts has completed and recorded two other songs.

She is hoping to release the Carnival single within the next two weeks.