Accused in latest road death gets bail

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“Let him explore how he’d get it,” was the advice Magistrate Keith Thom gave to attorney John Fuller yesterday when the lawyer questioned how his client Andy Daniel would come up with the $15,000 cash requisite he had to pay as part of his $30,000 bail for causing the death of Glenford Martin by dangerous driving.

Relatives subsequently forked up the sum to facilitate his release from police custody. The accused man shed tears during the hearing in St John’s Magistrates’ Court.

The 33 year old was asked to surrender his travel documents, provide two sureties; report to the police station nearest his home every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6 am and 6 pm. He is to return to court on March 29 for committal proceedings that would determine whether he’d stand trial in the High Court for the indictable offence.

Daniel was driving motor van C15377 on January 17 and while travelling eastwards on Factory Road he allegedly attempted to overtake a number of vehicles that were at a standstill at the traffic light at the junction of American and Factory roads.

According to police reports, Daniel’s vehicle clipped a car that was coming from the opposite direction. When he swerved away from that car he collided with Martin’s vehicle, R774, which was among those waiting for the red light at the intersection to change.

Consequently, Martin’s car struck another car A 29665, which in turn slammed into a truck C6872.

Daniel’s van finally came to a stop when it crashed into a building on the side of the road.

Martin sustained severe injuries to the upper body and languished in hospital for five days before succumbing Saturday morning.

Martin is the country’s third road fatality for the year.

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