“Dolly House” killer set free

Source: http://candidkerry.wordpress.com

Source: http://candidkerry.wordpress.com

A man convicted in the killing of former Comptroller of Customs Rolston “Dolly House” Samuel has been set free today. The murder occurred in Samuel’s Friars Hill home over 20 years ago.

Eustace Armstrong was ordered released by the High Court under the same conditions as Everton Welch - the other man convicted for murdering Samuel . Welch was released for the same crime in December 2011.

Armstrong had been detained at the Queen’s pleasure, which means there was no fixed release date.

The judge decided the man has served enough time, and believes he has been rehabilitated.

Everton Welch and Eustace Armstrong were convicted on June 20, 1994 of the murder of Rolston Samuel, committed on January 8, 1993.

The case for the prosecution was that Armstrong and Welch, during the early hours of January 8, 1993, went to the house  to steal but were interrupted by Samuel returning home. The prosecution also said that, in a struggle, Welch and/or Armstrong hit him several times. Samuel died from his injuries later.

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